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This site will no longer be updated and maintained from now on. The current services will continue to be provided and updated at the new database: SoyFN. We apologize for the inconvenience.

miRFun: miRNA Functional Similarity

One miRNA List

Similarity between each miRNA pair of the list

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Controls of target prediction
Prediction Methods
  • Select at least one method for target predition. It will return the targets that occur in all methods you selected!
  • About TAPIR About TAPIR
    About psRNATarget


    Cut-off controlAbout miRTour About cut-off          ΔΔG     ≤ - Kcal/molAbout miRTour About ΔΔG

    Seed length ≥   nts About ΔΔG

    G:U wobble  ≤  (≥0)

        Mismatch  ≤   (≥0)

           Loops     ≤   (≥0)

    Target NetworkAbout target network




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